How to visualize port status of quarantined ships

Jordan Stokes
July 4, 2020

Ports see a lot of traffic on a daily basis, and in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, many are struggling to properly manage operations. As travel restrictions have opened up, new ships with cases of COVID-19 cases continue to arrive at ports.

With ships coming in and out of ports––whether quarantined or later cleared for service––it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure you’re informed on port activities so you can mark smart, quick decisions for your fleet.

Visualize ship location with Maritime Intelligence

A Maltese-flagged product tanker, the Minerva Oceania, has just been placed in quarantine at the port in Antwerp. It is reported that 15 of the 26 crew members on board tested positive for COVID-19. The tanker arrived on June 19 after a voyage from Qatar and will be held until at least early July.

As a fleet manager and ship operator,  you should know about events like these as soon as possible. A maritime intelligence solution, such as Orbit’s OMI  will help you efficiently manage your vessels and monitor those of your competitors.  Maps elegantly visualize ship location, speed and port activities. In Figure 1 you can see the Minerva Oceania is moored at the port.

Figure 1: The Minerva Oceania as seen in the Orbit platform

Visualization in Orbit platform


Additional status of ships affected by COVID-19

The Minerva Oceania isn’t the only ship that is in quarantine because of COVID-19.

  • The 4658 TEU container ship Maersk Idaho is at anchor off Norfolk after a crew member tested positive at a previous New York stop––the shipping line was advised of the situation before the ship reached the Virginia dock.
  • Local officials in Busan, South Korea are linking a recent outbreak to two Russian cargo ships that were in port. In addition to 22 positive tests between the two ships, hundreds of people are testing positive after coming in contact with the crew.
  • Hamburg Sud’s container ship the Cap San Lorenzo has been in Algeciras since arriving on June 12 and just cleared quarantine.

Looking to gain visibility into activity and traffic at thousands of ports?


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