Meet the Team: Dylan Woschenko

Ellis Tucci
May 21, 2021

Meet Dylan Woschenko

At OrbitMI, it’s our maritime intelligence platform that our customers know, but it’s the fantastic people that make us, well, us!

Next up in our continuing blog series on members of the OrbitMI team is Dylan Woschenko, one of our Sales and Partnerships Analysts. Dylan is involved in relationship management between OrbitMI, our partners, and our clients, as well as outbound marketing campaigns and transactions. Though he is new to maritime, his previous work has prepared him well for his role here at OrbitMI.


Fun Facts

· Dylan loves to spend time exploring and photographing new neighborhoods in New York City, specializing in street photography.

·He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2015 with a degree in accounting, before moving back to the East Coast and working in the mortgage industry.
·Dylan enjoys spending time running and lifting weights, and loves a good IPA.


Primary role at OrbitMI

Dylan joined Orbit in March and has become heavily involved in the sales and client-facing side of OrbitMI, leading the development of multiple different projects.

When asked what he likes most about working at OrbitMI, he said the ability to work on something new every day, being brought into new projects and tasks on a nearly daily basis. Dylan also thinks that the culture is a huge benefit to working at OrbitMI; everyone's input is valued and sought after, making for a dynamic and positive community on the job.

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Meet the team


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