Meet the Team: Ellis Tucci

David Levy
April 13, 2021

Meet Ellis Tucci

At OrbitMI, it’s our maritime intelligence platform that our customers know, but it’s the fantastic people that make us, well, us!

Next up in our continuing blog series on members of the OrbitMI team, Ellis Tucci, our new Managing Editor. Ellis is a jack of all trades and is an integral part of the team. He has many talents, all of which help him navigate the world of maritime intelligence.

Meet the Team Ellis Tucci

Fun Facts

· Ellis grew up on a farm, which taught him responsibility from a very young age. When animals depend on you, you understood the importance of daily chores.

· He has published two books. One an academic analysis of the politics of architecture, and the other of poetry.

· Ellis had earned his student pilot’s license before his drivers license and has been flying planes since he was 12 years old.

· In 2015 Ellis started an aviation technology company called Bulletin, eventually being invited to present with other startups at the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit.

· In the off hours, he is designing a video game from scratch in Unreal Engine, and expects it to take seven years to complete.

· Before the pandemic, he trained to be a high school history teacher with Teach for America.

· Ellis occupies his spare time with archival work, collecting and scanning uncommon magazines from 1860 to 1970. 

Primary role at OrbitMI

Ellis started at OrbitMI in November as an intern after graduating from Dickinson College in May 2020 with a degree in economics. In January, he was made Managing Editor, where he manages the flow of editorial content including thought leadership blogs and newsletters.

When asked what he likes most about working at OrbitMI, he said the dynamic that he and his coworkers have with each other. The common bond they all have because they genuinely believe in the products and have confidence in their effectiveness. He also enjoys the fact that he is able to bring his creativity to his work.

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Meet the team


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