Efficiency drives sustainability

Re-connecting your work-from-home teams may help you reduce CO2 emissions. Are you prepared to make the connections?

In 2020, several industry dynamics converged, giving an advantage to companies with data and intelligence skills. According to a recent study of maritime executives, Scandinavian companies in the tanker sector are building the skills to capitalize on convergence, re-connect and be more efficient and sustainable. 

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Improved Efficiency Drives Sustainability

“Data lies at the heart of convergence. Fortunately, the tanker sector recognizes the opportunity:  81% of respondents in the tanker sector see the adoption of data intelligence as holding a prominent level of importance within the maritime industry.

How tanker shipping can thrive in an era of convergence

Improve efficiency and meet sustainability goals

A 100 vessel fleet managed more efficiently with Orbit consumes 19,800 fewer tonnes of bunker fuel annually, equating to 61,380 fewer tonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere each year.

Download How tanker shipping can thrive in an era of convergence to see if you have the skills you need to improve efficiency and meet your sustainability goals.

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