Going mobile: Orbit delivers actionable data to your smartphone


Enriched, more accurate data on each vessel, delivered in real-time alerts let operators intervene earlier with captains to slow down, which optimizes performance and reduces fuel costs

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"Rather than having to search constantly for issues, our staff get a notification on their smartphone as soon as there is any deviation. Instead of waiting to look up information, we get it up front.”

Peter Bjorkborg Manager of Sustainability and Transformation, Stena Bulk

Orbit puts you in control of your fleet at any time, from anywhere

Orbit unifies information from many systems behind one interface and one log-in.  AI and machine transform data to deliver accurate alerts to your smartphone* so you can take action early.

Benefits include:

  • One-click response to ships’ masters lets you address issues immediately and optimize the performance of each voyage

  • Real-time information reveals opportunities for cargo fixtures and better bunker pricing

  • With one login, you gain back time to spend building relationships with customers

*Available in iOS and Android

Manage your vessels at sea over a cup of tea (or maybe you’re a coffee drinker?)

Unified dashboards, updated in real-time, so the entire team can access reports immediately