Orbit Accelerates Decision Making

Software powered by machine learning and AI that enriches data quality, enables connected workflows, and accelerates decision making, both on ship and on shore.

Increase profits | Improve productivity | Reduce GHG emissions

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Being data-driven was a luxury. Now it's imperative

Data is the most powerful tool for solving business operational problems and exploiting new opportunities. If you’re curious about data, we’ll fuel your ambition

Easy to Start.  Easy to Run.  Easy to Extend.

Orbit is a cloud-based enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that impacts every line on your balance sheet. Its modular structure supports multiple workflows and facilitates flexible licensing models

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Orbit Software Desktop

Easy to Start

  • No up-front cost: Begin with a Proof of Concept
  • Start with a single solution and expand
  • Onboard effortlessly with help from our team
  • No software or hardware installations. Capex friendly
  • Integrate your VMS and other products into Orbit

Easy to Run

  • Be in the know on the go with custom mobile alerts
  • Add your users and fleets into Orbit in seconds
  • Control your data with access & sharing permissions
  • Secure and GDPR compliant
  • Amplify existing systems with AI
Maritime Intelligence Laptop

Easy to Extend

  • Future-proof: Orbit is built to adapt as your needs change
  • Easily add new features to your existing Orbit solutions
  • Connect global teams across time-zones on a unified platform
  • Evolve from old systems, spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Get smart(er): Analyze competitors, trading patterns and port traffic



Fleet level business optimization


Vessel management in real-time


Voyages made as profitable as possible


Impact every line on the balance sheet

Experienced professionals from the maritime, energy, and enterprise technology industries created Orbit to optimize revenue, minimize capex, maximize margin and drive recurring ROI

For Experts By Experts

Maximize revenue through transparency

End-users who share access to Orbit report improvements in customer satisfaction, loyalty and increased revenue


Improve productivity by 60%

Orbit absorbs data from siloed systems in a unified view, which simplifies workflow and lets you manage more vessels with the same staff, yielding productivity gains of 60% or more


An investment that never loses value

A modular architecture frees your business from captive, inflexible solutions. Use Orbit as an innovation hub: Add new functionality to adapt to industry changes

Are you ready to sea the big picture?