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Dear shipping industry:

You have been around a really, really long time.  You’ve seen change come; you’ve seen it go, only to come back again. And again.  The last thing you need is some software company telling you that you need to STOP, and disrupt everything or ELSE!  

So we won’t.  

But, we will offer some perspective. These business, cultural and technology forces battering you are serious.  They will impact you in ways you may not be able to imagine right now.  That’s where OrbitMI can help.

You see, we’ve been around a little while, too. Over the last thirty years we’ve seen similar forces impact industries like life sciences, the magazine and newspaper businesses and financial services, to name a few.   We’ve seen best practices.  We’ve seen worst practices. We’ve seen companies succeed and companies fail.

So let’s collaborate. Our team believes that together we can help you become more data-driven, avoid the mistakes of other sectors, and use technology to prepare you for the next wave of changes.

If you’re interested, use the form to contact us.    


The OrbitMI team