Group 13
February 2023

Intelligent connected workflows will help reshape the maritime business landscape

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January 2023

Maritime tech breakthroughs in 2023

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Group 14
December 2022

OrbitMI launches automated weather routeing system with DTN

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November 2022

Lloyd's List Top 10 Technology Leaders 2022

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November 2022

The 50 Most Innovative Startups in Maritime 2022

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November 2022

Managing the maritime ecosystem with graph technology

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G Captain - New Tech Visage of Ship Finance
June 2022

Marine Money Week: The New Tech Visage of Ship Finance

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February 2022

The Lloyd’s List Podcast: Getting to grips with data

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Lloyd's List Data
January 2022

Get a grip on your data before it gets a grip on your business

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September 2021

DTN and OrbitMI partner up to enrich weather data

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August 2021

SEDNA and OrbitMI Integrate to Improve Maritime Communications 

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August 2021

Vessel operating data: Collaboration on data coding is key to integration, says OrbitMI

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Vessel Performance Optimisation
July 2021

Breaking the silos: How Stena Bulk spin off is helping shipping firms unravel data

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Furetank Chartering Orbit
July 2021

Furetank Chartering Deploys Orbit Solutions on All Vessels

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OrbitMI Maritime Intelligence
July 2021

Seatrans Choose OrbitMI for its Maritime Intelligence Solutions

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Data Management Empowering Decisionmaking for Firms in Co-Opetition
May 2021

Data Management Empowering Decision-making for Firms in Co-Opetition

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Navarino OrbitMI
April 2021

Digitalisation Uncovered:
What's Next for Shipping?

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April 2021

OrbitMI enters data provider agreement with Lloyd’s List Intelligence

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March 2021

OrbitMI teams up with Kongsberg Digital as a new partner on the Kognifai Marketplace

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March 2021

Kongsberg signs up Stena Bulk software spin-off to digital marketplace

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Tradewinds Login Required

October 2020

How Stena Bulk is turning data into a valuable asset

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September 2020

A Primer for a Profitable and Sustainable Maritime Business

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July 2020

Maritime has improved in its use of intelligence. It still has room to pick up the pace

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Group 13
June 2020

Taking charge after the pandemic

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Maritime Logistics Professional OrbitMI
May 2020

Mapping the Maritime Software Landscape 

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April 2020

Sharing in Shipping To Unlock $237 billion

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Orbit Weather+ Cover-2

The Digital Transformation of Weather-Optimized Routing

Orbit Weather+, powered by DTN, lets you use Orbit to appoint weather routing for all your voyages- driving down costs and unleashing new strategic capabilities. Learn how you can optimize routes for CII, speed, laycan, TCE, and CO2 emissions (among other parameters) while keeping crew, ship, and cargo safe


The Impact of Sharing in Shipping

Sharing data allows you to add economic value to the industry and meet the aggressive sustainability goals we want to achieve. Learn more in this report by Critical Future for OrbitMI.


How Tanker Shipping Can Thrive in an Era of Convergence

The maritime economy is changing. Read more about how the tanker industry can adapt and thrive through sharing in this report from Lloyd's List.




Platform Data Management & Security

Learn about how data is secured and managed in Orbit and how we handle GDPR compliance with this guide.


Ten Secrets of Data-Driven Companies

Much has been written on data-driven companies, but the full picture hasn't always been clear. That's why we wanted to demystify the practices of data-driven companies with an easy-to-read infographic. 


Stena Bulk Achieves Operational Excellence and Significant Cost Savings

By relying on OrbitMI's vessel performance and maritime intelligence solutions, Stena Bulk saw significant increases in operational efficiency and a corresponding decrease in cost. Read more in our case study.