OrbitMI Partner Program
Do you see a future characterized by collaboration, transparency and sharing?    We do, too.

OrbitMI Partner Program

OrbitMI believes when technology companies and data providers collaborate, we will deliver more value to the end-customer and accelerate the future of maritime. Become an Orbit Partner today.  Benefits include:

Grow your business
Meet customer demands…today
Power up your value proposition with no development costs

Putting the customer at the center

That's what drives the Orbit Partner Program.  

We're looking to collaborate and build partnerships with like-minded, world-class, customer-centric companies that see the future of maritime characterized by transparency and sharing, rather than secrets and silos.  By connecting staff, data and systems we can deliver the future to our customers today.  See the benefits below.


Watch this 2-minute video about Orbit to learn more


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Orbit Partner Program Benefits


Advanced technology for an advanced future

                                                                                                  Navigating the realities of today and the challenges of tomorrow

Technology & Data Integrations

Orbit changed the way we interact and share information with our customers.  We are having more informed and relevant discussions with them, which has led to additional collaboration. 

Therese Jällbrink

General Manager Commercial Operations

Stena Bulk

About OrbitMI

OrbitMI is a maritime software company headquartered in New York City with offices in Sweden, Norway, and Serbia, whose purpose is to unlock the value in data to help maritime become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. Its product Orbit, offered as a Software-as-a-Service, is a suite of integrated business solutions that transforms raw data into actionable insights and predictive intelligence.

Learn more: Watch this 2-minute video about Orbit