Our nautical distance calculator, fleet management module and voyage emissions scorecard are among our ever-expanding feature set


Nautical Distance Calculator

Calculate routes, distance, estimated consumption and duration. Deviate current voyages from the next port or from a vessel’s current location



Vessel & Fleet Management

Create custom views to track the vessels you manage, a competitor’s fleet or any other grouping segment



Alerts & Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications warn of changes in location and speed, and other parameters you can set

Maritime Intelligence Alerts


Automated IMO Reports

Pre-approved formats* including IMO DCS, EU MRV and Lloyds IMO DCS Data Verification Evidence Pack (*current release)




SIRE & CDI Inspections

Review, add or edit SIRE and CDI inspections so you have the most up-to-date repository




Post-Voyage Emission Scorecard

Scorecard of emissions and EEOI of each voyage to share with customers and stakeholders




Point-to-Point Routing Engine

Innovative graph processing algorithms calculate distance through (S)ECA zones, high-risk areas, ice zones and more with unmatched precision




EEOI, Greenhouse Gas & Local Emissons Calculators

Keep an eye on total carbon emissions for individual voyages, or your entire fleet




On-board Reporting Tool

Voyage-specific daily reports, statements of fact, and more; all pre-formatted, validated for errors and integrated directly into the Orbit platform via email




Port Data & Port Call Analytics

Visibility into port traffic and what competitive vessels are doing in and around ports. Orbit AI predicts the probability of 20 different port activities




Bunker Pricing & Management

Bunker price data for major bunker ports for all available fuel types. Historical prices are stored so you can track changes and trends over time




World Scale / Baltic International Tanker Routes

Compare TCE rates to World Scale predictions, BITR rates and fleet trading patterns




Fleet Position List

Pull positions by parameters including company, segment, region, port location, port ETA and next open date. Customize with your company logo




Time Charter (TC) Management

Manage time charters and redelivery in one interface. Changes to time charters cascade throughout Orbit to notify relevant parties about upcoming milestones

Performance Management New


Interactive World Map & Timeline

A seamless, interactive representation of Orbit’s vessel, voyage & port data - searchable at any point in the database’s historic timeline





Mitigate exposure, calculate claim values, and manage the demurrage portfolio for your entire fleet





Locate your next fixture, compare voyage options, determine competitor activities, and streamline your workflows with critical voyage and revenue info


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