Our nautical distance calculator, fleet management module and voyage emissions scorecard are among our ever-expanding feature set


Nautical Distance Calculator

Calculate routes, distance, estimated consumption and duration. Deviate current voyages from the next port or from a vessel’s current location



Vessel and Fleet Management

Create unlimited custom views so you can track the vessels you manage, a competitor’s fleet or any other grouping



Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications warn of changes in location and speed, and other parameters you can set



Pre-configured IMO reports

Pre-approved formats* including IMO DCS, EU MRV and Lloyds IMO DCS Data Verification Evidence Pack (*current release)





Review, add or edit SIRE and CDI inspections so you have the most up-to-date repository




Post-Voyage Emission Scorecard

Scorecard of emissions and EEOI of each voyage to share with customers and stakeholders




Mobile App

Mobile app for iOS, and Android. Touch-screen compatible




Our Fleet

Deploy a public version of your fleet in Orbit on a flat panel, kiosk or other display in your company lobby or other location




Orbit Reporter

Orbit Reporter is a browser-based tool that lets ship-based crew input data and generate voyage-specific reports such as daily reports, statements of fact, or user-defined custom reports. Data is pre-formatted, validated for errors and integrated directly into the Orbit platform via email. Works in offline mode and transmits when connection is restored




Port Data and Port Call Analytics

Visibility into port traffic and what competitive vessels are doing in and around ports. Artificial intelligence reveals most likely of twenty different activities (e.d. Delivery and redelivery, discharging, waiting)




Bunker Prices

Bunker price data for major bunker ports for all available fuel types. Historical prices are stored so you can track changes and trends over time




World Scale / Baltic International Tanker Routes

Compare TCE rates to World Scale predictions and BITR rates. Coming soon: Fleet trading patterns




Position List

Pull positions by parameters including company, segment, region, port location, port ETA and next open date. Customize with your company logo




Time Charter (TC) Management

Manage time charters and redelivery in one interface. Changes to time charters cascade throughout Orbit notify relevant parties. Set alerts for upcoming redelivery milestones

Performance Management New



Universal search lets you find fleets, vessels, countries, competitors, ports, terminals and other objects. Type a few letters and AI-powered auto-complete does the rest




Time & Calendar tool

Persistent time and calendar tool lets you go back by hour, month or years to see the movement of the global fleet. Spot historical patterns with the click of a mouse





Classic and satellite view. Berth level detail. Layers include SECA zones, high risk areas, inclement weather. Filters and heat maps for fleets and segments. Trade routes and other maritime intelligence overlays


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