What did you do during the pandemic of 2020?

David Levy
May 13, 2020

The dampening of the economy has shown all of us how the demand of U.S. consumers pulls all the way through the global supply chain. This change in demand impacts both the ships that carry goods from overseas to our ports, as well as the trucks and truckers who move our “stuff” from ports to warehouses, retail outlets and to our doorsteps.   When the pull of our demand lessens, millions suffer.   

When we eventually emerge from the pandemic, it’s likely that consumption patterns will look different and there will be a new baseline for the economic environment.  Even then, supply will always meet demand.   

But what of those demands?  How will our own personal consumption change?  Will we eat differently?  Will we buy things made closer to home?  Will we realize that we need less “stuff”?   

Some of us may be familiar with the phrase “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” usually used in political circles.  But it also can apply to us as individuals, especially during the current pandemic Given the opportunity—if you are so blessed—to take stock of your life, you may ask yourself “What do I want to get done before life begins again?”  I am asking myself that question.   

I know I want to look back on this time and remember that I was positive and productive.  My family and I are making personal protective equipment to give to ER nurses and doctors.  I’m practicing guitar again.  Cooking a lot more, paying attention to social media less.   We are also enjoying a slower pace, filled with lots of lazy, unfilled time.   

Yes, we really don’t need so much “stuff.” 

Now, the question is what are you going to do during this time?   What do you want to accomplish?  What do you want to get done?   Will you adapt?  Will you let yourself be changed?   

For those of us who haven’t grown up in wartime, this pandemic will be the most memorable period of our lives. We will all look back and remember what we did during the pandemic.  When your grandchildren ask, “What did you do during the pandemic of 2020?”  

What will you tell them?  

Companies need to ask these questions, too 

Some companies will take advantage of the current global environment to focus on those initiatives they’ve put off for a long time – from a digital transformation project to a new leadership development and training program.  Others, sadly, will not make it through to the other side.   

Will your company let this opportunity go to waste?  Will you be bold?  What will you accomplish?   

When future employees ask, “What did you do during the pandemic of 2020?”  

What will you tell them? 


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