What our integration with Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) means for maritime

OrbitMI Team
February 8, 2023

We are happy to announce that the Orbit platform has now enhanced its suite of solutions through an integration with Veson’s IMOS Platform (VIP). This integration enables all relevant chartering data for a vessel, such as contract type, itinerary, and voyage start and end dates, to be streamed from IMOS into the Orbit system.

This data can then be amplified and curated by Orbit using powerful algorithms to deliver actionable insights for the end user on a desktop or mobile app.

IMOS users can leverage the Report Designer tool to create a custom vessel data report based on the chartering parameters required by Orbit. This report is fetched by Orbit, making both fixture and voyage data accessible to all business departments through the Orbit interface. The report also includes which operator is assigned to each vessel. Consequently, everyone remains updated on voyages and time charters. As Orbit’s functionality expands, the report can be easily modified to include new parameters.

Automated transfer of voyage data ensures reliability and saves time by eliminating error-prone manual data inputting and wasteful double entry into different systems. Furthermore, Orbit supplements data from the IMOS with reports from Orbit Reporter, its shipboard reporting solution. It then curates and validates all data flows to maximize accuracy.

IMOS data is visualized in Orbit dashboards to display the planned itinerary for past, current and upcoming voyages, enabling smarter and more efficient workflows. Orbit users can accurately track their chartered fleets, and schedule voyages to optimize profit and efficiency by matching the right cargoes with the right vessels.

The IMOS integration allows further automated functionality in Orbit such as importing a newly chartered vessel identified and assigning it to a company fleet. The system also sources vessel details from an integrated Lloyd’s List Intelligence API and subscribes it to AIS tracking as part of this automatic process. Relevant email contact information for the vessel can flow through to Orbit from the integration.

In addition, Orbit users create dynamic fleets for vessels they manage, based on the ‘assigned operator’ field that every voyage in IMOS has. Dynamic fleets adjust automatically, based on changes detected in the VMS via the IMOS API.

“Recognizing that ship owners and operators have made extensive, multi-year investments in technology, Orbit delivers two main advantages to them” says Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI. “One, an innovative platform with multiple powerful solutions and two, an aggregation engine that eliminates data siloes, as well as extends and unlocks additional value of existing technologies, such as Veson IMOS.”

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