Beyond IMO 2020: Insights On Sustainability In Maritime

David Levy
September 1, 2020

Remember when the most potent issues occupying the maritime industry were IMO 2020 compliance, sustainability and CO2 emissions?  Seems long ago doesn’t it? 


Then, of course, COVID-19 hit and soon we all discovered that an effective strategy to reduce CO2 emissions in maritime is to shut down the world economy for a few months. 


An effective strategy indeed but in and of itself, not very sustainable.


While the world and the maritime industry has turned towards survival, revival and restarting the economy, the issues that occupied us a few months back remain as relevant as ever, especially to those for whom sustainability is a part of their day-to-day.  Sustainability in the maritime sector is and will remain a growing regulatory pressure.

But more than this, a commitment to sustainability is now expected by maritime customers, the best new talent, and has been linked to profitability. Sustainability in maritime is not a nice-to-have, it is an essential, of growing importance.  Several questions remain:

  • How do sustainability goals translate into practical business outcomes?
  • What do maritime practitioners actually think is key to driving sustainability?
  • What guidance can experts give about translating sustainability best practice into maritime solutions?
  • What role will technology have in driving sustainability?
  • How will sustainability impact maritime in the future?
  • What should maritime leaders consider when developing sustainability strategies?

Working with our partner Critical Future, we reached out to several maritime professionals and asked them to share their perspectives. Over the next several weeks, we’ll share their insights in part to remind us of simpler days, and to keep us sharp.  You’ll find their answers fascinating.  When ships once again begin steaming, the issues of IMO 2020 compliance, sustainability and CO2 emissions will be there.


Beyond IMO 2020 Compliance series:

  • 9/1      Insights On Sustainability In Maritime  
  • 9/2     Meeting Maritime Sustainability Challenges  
  • 9/3     Interview with Professor Rebecca Wayland
  • 9/7     Interview with Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI
  • 9/8     Interview with Erik Lewenhaupt, Head of Sustainability Stena Line
  • 9/14   Interview with Dr. Triantafyllos Papafloratos, Sustainability expert
  • 9/15   Interview with Petter Heier, CEO of Grieg Green
  • 9/21   Interview with Reza Patwary, Sustainable Finance Expert
  • 9/22   Interview with Dr. Pendar Ostovar, MD at Climate Risk Strategy
  • 9/23  Interview with David González, Founder of Vizzuality




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