SEDNA streamlines shipping intelligence and communications with new OrbitMI integration

David Levy
May 4, 2021
Brooklyn, NY (May 4, 2021)-  SEDNA, the chosen communications system for the world’s leading shipping organisations, launches its latest integration with OrbitMI’s maritime intelligence platform to create a single source of truth for vessel management and communications. Using the integration, teams in SEDNA can access and update data directly from OrbitMI and its connected platforms based on the context of specific messages, removing the need to switch between single-purpose systems and apps.
Via a SEDNA Link, OrbitMI data is embedded as a workflow around messages. As a result, team members viewing a message about a specific marine voyage can instantly see its respective position details, route map, itinerary, and performance data without having to switch applications or tabs, even on mobile devices, saving time and reducing the potential for error. Users have the data they need right at their fingertips so that they can make the very best decisions as quickly as possible, without switching between systems.
Lakshmi Baskaran, Vice President of Engineering at SEDNA says: “We’re delighted to have partnered with OrbitMI to expand our shipping applications portfolio. Our commitment to improving shipping firms’ return on digital innovation investments means we’re constantly looking to enhance SEDNA’s capabilities. The partnership with OrbitMI ensures that SEDNA becomes smarter by granting access to vessel data within the same workplace. As a result, we’re able to close the loop with email messaging and provide a digital hub that correlates data from many marine platforms.”
Adam Stahl, Chief Commercial Officer at OrbitMI says: “Digital integration using SaaS platforms is a rapidly growing trend in shipping, but firms often struggle to achieve value as they invest in multiple single-purpose platforms. By partnering with SEDNA, we’re able to unify those platforms to keep business communications in one place through integration, context and analytics. This partnership not only helps vessel managers, but every actor in the shipping industry, to improve time management, optimise performance and decrease errors while also increasing return on digital innovation investments.”


SEDNA is smart team communication software that unifies all messages, data, and documentation to help you focus on the work that matters. By aligning teams through action-based communication, SEDNA drastically reduces email volume and creates more efficient, productive, and collaborative workflows across organizations.

About OrbitMI

OrbitMI Inc. is a NYC software company with offices in Sweden, Norway, Greece and Serbia, and partners across the world.  The product, Orbit, is a technology innovation hub that is open, extendible and intelligent, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that delivers actionable insights in the form of dashboards, alerts and visualizations in real-time via desktop, and smartphone.
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