Meet the Team: Anna Vyalova

OrbitMI Team
March 1, 2024

Meet Anna Vyalova

Next up in our continuing blog series on members of the OrbitMI team is Anna Vyalova, who was recently appointed to the multi-faceted position of Project Manager in which she plays a pivotal role by fostering teamwork that is essential for realizing OrbitMI's development objectives. 

Anna Vyalova

Fun facts:

  • I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. 
  • I like to do embroidery and play board games with my family at home in the evenings. 

Can you describe your career journey?

I graduated from Russia’s Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2007 with a degree in Information Systems and Technologies. Throughout my career, I’ve held various roles including support specialist, business analyst and developer, always taking on leadership responsibilities within my teams. Prior to joining OrbitMI in November 2023, I worked as a subject matter expert in a large custodian bank. 

How did you come to join OrbitMI?

I was eager to explore new challenges and contribute to innovative projects, and viewed OrbitMI as an exciting opportunity to expand my expertise beyond my previous role in the financial sector by leveraging my skills as a developer in a different context. 

OrbitMI stood out for me because of the innovative approach and potential to revolutionize the maritime industry. I was particularly fascinated by the technological advancements being made and the opportunity to work with a team of talented individuals who share a passion for driving positive change. 

Overall, the combination of the company’s innovation focus, potential for growth and learning, and the opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic team were key factors that motivated me to join OrbitMI. 

What are your main roles and responsibilities?

In my capacity, I oversee the approval of all changes and priorities crucial to our team's success. Additionally, I serve as a liaison with executive leaders, ensuring alignment with strategic directives. Gathering, analyzing, and presenting IT metrics is also within my purview, allowing us to make informed decisions and drive efficiency.  

Moreover, I’m tasked with monitoring the progress and performance of our team members, facilitating continuous improvement. Lastly, I orchestrate meetings between our development team and key stakeholders, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone remains aligned with project goals. 

What do you like most about your job?

I thrive on tasks that require creativity, problem-solving and strategic thinking. I enjoy finding innovative solutions to complex problems and overcoming obstacles that others may find daunting. Challenges that push me out of my comfort zone and require me to stretch my skills and knowledge are particularly rewarding - whether it's developing new strategies, optimizing processes or navigating unforeseen obstacles. 

The biggest enjoyment factor in my job is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the success of the team, as well as to grow and learn professionally, which gives me a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

What are your future goals?

In the short term, my primary goal is to successfully transition the project I am currently involved in to the production stage so that we as a team can achieve this significant milestone. 

Looking further ahead, my ambition is to lead the implementation of innovative ideas within OrbitMI while fostering a culture of creativity and collaborative teamwork to drive continuous improvement. By embracing new technologies, methodologies, and best practices, I am confident that we can realize our vision and establish the Orbit system as a benchmark for excellence within the industry.


Meet the team


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