Meet the Team: Michelle Chowey

OrbitMI Team
June 18, 2024

Meet Michelle Chowey

We are thrilled to introduce Michelle Chowey, our new Head of Software Solutions - APAC, to the OrbitMI team. She brings experience and a passion for maritime technology that aligns perfectly with our mission. In this spotlight, we delve into her professional journey, her insights on the maritime tech industry, and a few fun facts to help you get to know her better. 

Professional Journey & Maritime Tech Enthusiasm

Michelle's career in maritime technology began eight years ago as a service manager at OneOcean and then moved on to Ocean Technologies Group. Over the years, she has held various roles in customer success, sales, and business development within the navigational and crewing software sectors. Her deep appreciation for the ocean, rooted in childhood fascination, has driven her to contribute to the understanding and preservation of marine environments. Michelle’s dedication to the maritime tech industry stems from her desire to work towards sustainable and efficient marine operations. 

Fun Facts

Michelle Chowey Square

Michelle's inspiration comes from her grandmother, who taught her the importance of integrity and ethics. If she could instantly become an expert in any skill, Michelle would choose to be fluent in every language, envisioning the ability to connect with people around the world effortlessly. Outside of work, she enjoys unwinding with karaoke and is passionate about baking desserts, especially her renowned Tiramisu. 

Opportunities & Challenges in Maritime Tech

Michelle identifies the integration of technology with current operational functions as the biggest opportunity in the maritime industry - with the ability to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. However, she also acknowledges the challenge of embracing and adapting to these technological changes. 

Michelle joins the team with dual responsibilities of sales strategy and customer success in the APAC region. She plans to leverage her past experiences to build strong customer relationships, and help shipowners operate their fleets more efficiently and sustainably. 

We are excited to have Michelle on board and look forward to the innovative contributions she will bring to OrbitMI. Welcome, Michelle! 

Meet the team


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