OrbitMI Partners with Dataloy

David Levy
May 10, 2021

Powering up maritime software

Maritime software can be abstract. Writing about it requires making what is essentially invisiblebits and bytes of data, computer codevisible to the reader. How, for instance, do you explain maritime software that transforms data into actionable insights?  One technique is to compare that raw data to something concrete in the reader’s mind, such as crude oil, as we did here.  

Using metaphors can be effective and you’ll notice that we’ve begun to describe our maritime software, Orbit, as a “technology innovation hub” or a “technology integration hub.” The key image is the hub.  A hub is a physical thing—usually circular or cylindrical and often associated with transportation—that connects other things to it and in doing so makes the resulting combination lighter, stronger and more efficient. Moreover, a hub becomes a platform for innovation (such as when the Persians lethally accessorized their chariot wheels…read about hubs and chariots here).

Powering up through partnership and collaboration 

That’s what Orbit does: It connects systems and data feeds, applies AI and machine learning in the hub, and delivers actionable insights in the form of dashboards, alerts and visualizations in real-time via desktop, and smartphone. The resulting combination of systems, data and workflows comprise a powered up solution that helps make the organization faster, nimbler and more efficient.  Plus, customers and partners use Orbit to innovate new features. 

In the case of Orbit, our solutions become even more powerful when you integrate an already powerful system into it. Dataloy’s VMS is such a system.

OrbitMI Becomes a Dataloy Master Partner

For this reason, we are proud to be a Master Partner in Dataloy Systems´ Partner Program.   

Dataloy’s modern API is easy to work with and features great performance,” notes Tobias AnderssenOrbitMI’s Chief Architect. “It supports advanced filtering and conditioning and is very well documented, which is still quite uncommon even today.” 

Here’s a bit on how the integration will work. Orbit ingests data from endpoints in the Dataloy API and integrates that data with other feeds from the customer’s technology stack. Orbit then connects the endpoints to a modular integration layer equipped with several flexible connectors, including vessel particulars, basic voyage data, company data, reports, AIS positions, or any other data point that is relevant to the end-users. These connectors, once set-up, feed an AI and machine learning engine that further enriches the data to reveal hidden insights about the weather, routes, speed, consumption, TCE and more. 

For more detail on how the Dataloy VMS connects to the Orbit technology innovation hub read more here. 

Powering up the VMS

These benefits, like the technical integration between Orbit and Dataloy VMS, are bi-directional. Through DataloyOrbit will access new customers.  Through Orbit, existing Dataloy customer will access AI/machine learning capabilities as well as visualizations that illuminate and activate the rich vessel and voyage data inside the VMS.  In this way, the powered up solution adds new capabilities to the Dataloy VMS, or as CEO Erik Loy puts it, “We will be able to provide actionable insights to our customers, allowing them to enhance their operational efficiency and decision-making.”

People matter 

Yes, technology can be abstract. Sometimes, however, why things work is crystal clearIn this case, it’s the people.  Another reason we are thrilled to be part of the Dataloy Systems´ Partner Program is the Dataloy team.  From Erik Loy to Hege Jacobsen, who runs the partner program, to  Anumita Bhargava, who runs marketing, everyone at the company has been great to work with.  We look forward to our continued collaboration.




NOTE:  If you’re interested in learning more about the integration between Orbit and Dataloy Systems join Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI, Erik Loy, CEO of Dataloy and Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO SEDNA, for a webinar on June 17thth entitled “ Voyage management using cloud hosted workflow tools” with the Digital Ship.  Click here to register

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