Furetank says goodbye to slow and hello to speed

David Levy
June 28, 2021

We’re thrilled to have Furetank Chartering as a customer

In maritime software, speed means everything. It’s one thing to collect data. It’s another thing to synthesize that data into an insight you can use to make decisions. But getting that insight to the right person at the right moment is another thing entirely. Multi-step processes and copying-and-pasting from siloed systems slow things down.

If like many maritime organizations, your teams must log-in to several siloed systems to extract key nuggets of information, their opportunity to capture a cargo or intervene early may disappear by the time they’ve finished pressing Control-C, then Control-V. That kind of process simply takes too long. “For information to have value, it must arrive on time,” says OrbitMI CEO, Ali Riaz. Siloes slow you down. “That why we call them public enemy #1.”

Furetrank Chartering, a division of Furetank Rederi AB of Donsö, Sweden, knows what it means to move fast. “Most of our voyages are one or two days which require agile decision making and real-time analysis to gain efficiencies,” notes Johan Kristensson, Operations Manager of Furetank Chartering. This need for speed is one of the reasons Furetank Chartering put Orbit’s performance management and commercial operations solutions into service on their fleet.

After a pilot using Orbit on three vessels Furetank significantly increased control over bunker consumption and increased productivity due to improved planning and coordination of all commercial activities. Once Furetank identified the value derived from Orbit, it moved quickly to extend the solution to the rest of its fleet.

“Our business is fast-paced and we are unable to pause daily operations to adopt any solution,” Kristensson noted. In other words, Furetank was looking for digital transformation without disruption. Orbit is built exactly for this situation: Customers who want to leverage data, drive efficiencies, and reduce carbon emissions but cannot stop running their businesses in the 24/7 world of global shipping.

Starting with Orbit is fast. As a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Orbit requires no hardware or software installation. No servers to buy or consultant-driven implementations necessary, which consume capital resources and time. Additionally, pulling noon reports into Orbit requires additional equipment or software either. Orbit Reporter, our noon reporting application installs in minutes on any shipboard Internet connected device.

Using Orbit is fast. Orbit aggregates raw data from existing siloed systems and amplifies it via super-fast machine learning algorithms. From there Orbit activates data through dashboards, alerts and actionable insights delivered to decision makers in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone, all behind a single log-in. No more fragmented, multi-step processes that require Control-C/Control-V. No more missed opportunities. No more siloes.

The future for Furetank and Orbit will be fast too. We’re already working on the next sprint in our development roadmap.

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