OrbitMI teams up with Kongsberg Digital as partner on the Kognifai Marketplace

David Levy
March 2, 2021

Welcome to the Marketplace

OrbitMI has signed a partnership agreement with Kongsberg Digital, adding Orbit SaaS applications for maritime intelligence, compliance, vessel tracking and vessel performance to the Kognifai Marketplace. These applications--Orbit OMI, Orbit Comply and Orbit Reporter--will then be made available for users of Vessel Insight.

The maritime industry is undergoing a digitalization and sustainability revolution. Increasingly, shipowners recognize that they must collect data, gain insights and extract value efficiently to ensure they remain in the competitive vanguard. Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight is a cost-efficient data infrastructure solution which collects and contextualizes data from vessels to enable shipowners and operators to begin with – and succeed in – their digitalization process.

This data can additionally be used by various top-level applications made available via the Kognifai Marketplace, a network of partnerships that provides access to a range of market-leading applications that can be utilized by Vessel Insight subscribers to operate more sustainably and gain a competitive edge.

OrbitMI’s mission is to unlock the hidden value in data generated to help the entire maritime sector in becoming more efficient, profitable and sustainable. “We are very excited to partner with OrbitMI. We strive to assist all Vessel Insight subscribers in finding the right application for the right purpose. This partnership will allow us to provide even more of the very best digital solutions to our subscribers within the Kognifai Marketplace. Orbit OMI, Orbit Comply and Orbit Reporter offer solutions most of our subscribers need to leverage the best business outcomes for their fleet or vessels. Together, we will unlock the full potential from the data gathered from fleets and vessels and place our Vessel Insight subscribers on the best path for success in their digitalization journey,” says Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, KDI.

Orbit is explicitly designed to integrate multiple systems, data feeds, workflows and reporting in one unified interface and one login, allowing users to operate their fleet more efficiently. OrbitMI aggregates all essential data coming from critical data points, amplifies the data with machine learning, and activates it through dashboards, alerts and predictive analytics delivered to decision-makers at sea and on land. The OrbitMI applications help customers meet their internal success thresholds and can generate annual ROI measured in millions and CO2 reduction of tens of thousands of tonnes removed from the atmosphere. In addition to the three abovementioned applications, Orbit will offer solutions such as Vessel Tracking, AI Routing, Operations, Vessel Performance Management and Sanctions and Vessel Clearance through the Kognifai Marketplace.

“The digitalization journey that Eirik describes is to help maritime executives easily combine data with hard-earned experience to make better decisions. Their decisions impact greater profitability for their firms and a healthier planet for everyone. Together, Kongsberg Digital and OrbitMI enable these decisions by transforming raw data generated by equipment into visualizations so Vessel Insight subscribers can take action on a host of use cases such as actionable market intelligence, automation of regulatory compliance, reduction in bunker consumption and condition-based monitoring,” says Ali I. Riaz, CEO at OrbitMI Inc.

Through this partnership, OrbitMI and Kongsberg Digital are strengthening their common digital offering to the benefit of all Vessel Insight subscribers and the maritime market in general.
For more information, contact:
David Levy 
Chief Marketing Officer
OrbitMI, Inc. 
Tel: (m) +1.203.803.3568
Mathilde Vik Magnussen
VP Communications & Marketing
Kongsberg Digital
Tel: +47 456 78 255 
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Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities. The company consists of more than 500 software experts with leading competence within the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, maritime simulation, automation and autonomous operations.

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