New Horizons: OrbitMI and Kongsberg

Ellis Tucci
March 10, 2021

Welcoming maritime's digital age

As you may have read in our recent blog post, OrbitMI has partnered with Kongsberg Digital, and is now listed on the Kognifai Marketplace. We are extremely pleased to have such a relationship, and it is an honor to be affiliated with a company as reputable, significant, and foreword-thinking as Kongsberg. Our last post was more of a press release, so today we'd like to take a deeper dive with two senior members of our team, CMO David Levy, and CCO Adam Stahl, to talk about what this partnership means for the future of OrbitMI.
"This will really crystallize the value of data, and increase its impact on performance, sustainability, and emissions," says Stahl, adding that those increases will in turn further encourage sustainable shipping practices. "It's exciting to be a part of this new shipping ecosystem," he continues, "and when we start to unlock the value of sensor data, our ability to calculate ROI will go through the roof." Leveraging sensor data feeds from vessels, Orbit will be able to generate split-second insights that will empower users to maximize their ROI through efficient decision making. "Previously you might get important alerts and notifications once a day- with sensor data, that frequency could increase by orders of magnitude, which obviously allows you to make incredibly responsive decisions; even if such optimizations only reclaimed a small percentage of cost generated by inefficiencies, that could very quickly accumulate to thousands of dollars a day. The capture of sensor data is a total game changer," says Adam. Thanks to our partnership with Kongsberg Digital, that future is very close on the horizon.
"We hope  this partnership will help our customers, our partners, and the industry see the big picture that comes from unifying data feeds from multiple systems on both ship and shore into one, " says Chief Marketing Officer David Levy.  With tens of thousands of vessels on the water, there is an incredible amount of maritime data out there, which makes it all the more important to "transform it from invisible bits and bytes into actionable insights, and deliver it in the form of beautiful visualizations--on desktop or mobile," he says, referencing the forthcoming Orbit app, OrbitMI Connect. "Working with Kongsberg, the more we can bring together people, partners, and technology the more we can help our customers build the digital solutions of their dreams."
Thanks to our new partnership with Kongsberg Digital, we're well on our way. Click the button below to learn more about the OrbitMI Partner Program.

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