OrbitMI Welcomes Peter Lindström to Our Corporate Advisory Board

Ellis Tucci
February 17, 2021

New Faces:  Welcome Peter Lindström

All of us at OrbitMI are honored to announce the newest member of our Corporate Advisory Board: Peter Lindström.

Peter Lindström

Peter is the Head of Research and Data Platform at Torvald Klaveness, a pioneering and data-driven shipping company with a vision to improve the nature of shipping. Klaveness is a prolific operator and pool owner in the dry bulk space, as well as an owner and operator of combination carriers for both dry and wet cargo.

Peter has been with Klaveness since his beginnings in the Risk Department in 2007, before moving into Market Analysis in 2012, specializing in the spot market. Peter recognized the importance quantitative analysis has in the maritime economy, and from 2016 onwards, led Klaveness in the transformation of its data management systems, and the adoption of new practices. Seeing that machine learning was the way of the future, Peter used his spare time to obtain a certification as a data scientist- recently becoming the head of Klaveness’ internal data platform, where he uses his expertise to optimize decision making in the freight market.

Peter sees a great amount of promise and opportunity in Orbit, and is looking forward to being a part of our Advisory Board. We’re humbled that Peter has joined us, and we are looking forward to learning from his extensive expertise.

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