OrbitMI partners with Lloyd's List Intelligence

David Levy
April 21, 2021

Like-minded on the future of maritime 

In the beginning of 2020 we first met Lloyd’s List Intelligence at a meeting in Gothenburg, back when such meetings were both possible and commonplace.  As a new company (read about our backstory) we were thrilled to be talking to one of the more prestigious brands in maritime, a company that traces its history back 300 years.   

Yet, we found not an “old” or “traditional” firm but a modern, forward thinking one. Despite its legacy, Lloyd’s List Intelligencepart of Informa PLC, saw the future of maritime as one characterized by transparency and collaborationwhich is exactly how OrbitMI saw it.  Our two companies—one very new and one very much established--were of like minds. The seeds of today’s announcement were sown.  

In June of 2020, we produced the webinar entitled Taking charge after the pandemic: shaping the maritime future about how to leverage big data for maritime intelligence.  The webinar set records for attendance and response (see our coverage here and watch a replay here) and helped call attention to the need to embrace digital transformation in maritime.  From there we continued to collaborate on research and successful lead generation programs.   

How data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence will be used in Orbit 

Which leads us to today’s announcement.  

OrbitMI has partnered with Lloyd’s List Intelligence to provide additional vessel characteristic data as well as company and ownership data for tankers.  Our mission at OrbitMI is to unlock the hidden value in data generated by maritime to help the entire sector become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Orbit is explicitly designed with an integration layer to feed information from multiple systems into one unified interface (here’s a short video that explains it). In this way, Orbit acts as a maritime technology hub that connects people, systems, data, departments, workflows and reporting in order to deliver dashboards, alerts and actionable insights to decision makers in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone.

There’s no limit to the number or types of data feeds our artificial intelligence and machine learning engine can process. In fact, the more data integrated into Orbit, the more actionable the insights it delivers.  

The data from Lloyd’s will be integrated and visualized throughout Orbit, primarily in the side contextual panels you see below (demo data). This short video shows additional ways that Orbit visualizes data. 


maritime map nautical distance calculator

Orbit turns raw data into actionable insights and beautiful visualizations. 

Become a partner today 

Do you see a future characterized by collaboration, transparency and sharing? We do, too. OrbitMI believes when technology companies and data providers collaborate, we will deliver more value to the end-customer and accelerate the future of maritime.   

At OrbitMI, we’re looking to collaborate and build partnerships with like-minded, world-class, customer-centric companies like Lloyd’s List Intelligence.


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