Takeaways from our talk with Kongsberg Digital

Ellis Tucci
April 22, 2021

Speaking of digital transformation... 

Last week our CMO David Levy participated in a webinar with Kongsberg Digital (you can read about our partnership here.) Over the course of the session, we took a deep dive into some use-cases and learned some of the many things that make Orbit a unique product. Below, I share my key takeaways from the webinar, as well as explore some of the unique features that make Orbit what it is.  

Orbit integrates with your systems 

In our culture here at OrbitMI, we place a very high value on teamwork and partnerships. Whether it's with Kongsberg Digital, Lloyd's List, or any of the companies in our Partner Program, we believe the best way to accomplish our goal of increasing efficiency and transparency in maritime is to work with  other companies.  

As such, Orbit is explicitly designed to integratewith  your existing solutions. Why is that important? It's important because that means adopting Orbit doesn't require you abandon the  tools your team is familiar with  (Watch this short video to find out more). As an example, in the webinar David highlighted how Orbit integrates with Kongsberg's Health Management monitoring service. As our global economy becomes more and more interconnected, it's difficult to understate the impact that these types of integrations and partnerships will have on long term growth.   

Orbit enables Dreambuilding 

We take collaboration seriously at OrbitMI. Collaboration drives our relentless focus on your team’s end-user experience. Together we can customize a solution that fits your organization and drives value in the shortest amount of time. Orbit extends the ways your team works, by connecting existing systems, integrating other software providers and even developing new features.  

We have a phrase for this type of flexible customization, we call it digital Dreambuilding. The way David opened the webinar describing Dreambuilding was another highlight for me Click here to see a replay of the webinar. 

Up next: Webinar series with The Digital Ship 

If you'd like to learn more about OrbitMI, join us for a series of three webinars we are running with The Digital Ship. The first features a conversation with Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI, and Bill Dobie, founder of SEDNA on May 6th


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