Cut sustainability reporting prep from 3 weeks to 3 hours

David Levy
June 15, 2021

Ease the burden of reporting season

Every year, as a part of Stena AB annual report, Stena Bulk assembles an expansive Sustainability Report that tracks emissions and vessel efficiency across its entire fleet. It goes out not only to company management, but also regulators and international agencies. You and your teams may have just finished assembling a similar one. If so, then you'll know that each report depends on thousands of points of individual data, with almost every one found in a separate document or format. It means endless hours and weeks of late nights  combing through PDFs, Excel sheets, and emails.

For years, this process has been a fixture of life in the office, but thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way. With Orbit's machine learning and reporting capabilities, it's possible to reduce the time you and your teams spend assembling reports to a fraction of what it is now. In fact, using Orbit Stena Bulk significantly decreased the time they spent generating Sustainability Reports.

Tracking down the required data points for these sustainability reports can become an overwhelming task—the folks at Stena Bulk had to comb through hundreds of emails, scanned documents, and data sources, and then manually verify everything in a massive spreadsheet. Assembling the report is a complex and stressful task— distributed over multiple months, it took three weeks of full-time equivalent (FTE) hours to complete. 

Fortunately that's no longer the case; this year Stena Bulk began working directly with the OrbitMI development team to create a new series of Orbit-generated reports. Now instead of sifting through massive amounts of data, manually validating each piece, and assembling it into a final version, Stena Bulk teams simply communicate the parameters, data points, and formatting they need, and Orbit does the rest. Ultimately this collaboration reduced the time needed to create Sustainability Reports from three three hours. Such a dramatic reduction in reporting time has been a welcome relief to the teams at Stena Bulk; in the words of Digital Business Developer Therese von Hackwitz, it has "eliminated months of chasing down information and validating thousands of data points." 

The Stena Bulk team members who would have spent long hours  assembling the Sustainability Report have been freed from the pressures and stresses that came with it. They have more time to take care of other projects, less anxiety about their work, and of course, more time to eat dinner at home. Click the button below to book a demo and learn more about how Orbit can reduce the time you spend assembling reports.


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