Meet the Team: Cameron Amigo

OrbitMI Team
February 20, 2024

Meet Cameron Amigo

Cameron Sized

Next up in our continuing blog series on members of the OrbitMI team is Cameron Amigo, our Customer Success Manager for the Americas. Having joined the company last October, he constantly stays up to speed with customer requirements or challenges, both to come up with the right solutions and ensure smooth product implementation at the operational level. 

Fun facts:

  • Served as a tugboat captain for four years. 
  • A big aficionado of American Football and a fan of the Cleveland Browns.  
  • Enjoy playing sports with my two sons on the shores of Lake Erie in my spare time. 
  • Involved in my local church and enjoy spending time there. 
  • A Cuban who lives in Cleveland. My father moved to the US from Cuba aged 6 and my great-grandfather was from Spain. 

Can you describe your career journey?

I started my education at the US Merchant Marine Academy and gained a Third Mate’s Unlimited License. Later, I worked as a shipbroker before taking on a digitalization project at the company, which led me to IT and into the maritime data world.  Additionally, I achieved an MBA from Cleveland State University with a Concentration in Supply Chain and also have a Master’s in Business Analytics from Indiana University.   

Before joining OrbitMI, I previously worked at a maritime start-up, Voyager Portal, as the Lead Sales Engineer Analyst focusing on their low-code and demurrage offerings for charterers. 

How did you come to join OrbitMI?

I was fortunate to know some team members at OrbitMI and have kept in a relationship with them over the years. Eventually, I met our CEO Ali, and we had a shared vision for empathy and innovation; I knew I wanted to be on the ship he was steering. 

What are your main roles and responsibilities?

As Product Manager, I am engaged in both business and software development to translate the data-related needs of our customers, as well as the market, into Orbit solutions.  

As Customer Success Manager, I act as the main point of contact for clients to ensure they have a positive experience with our products by helping them to navigate any challenges and maximise the value they get from our services. I also collaborate with the Sales team by assisting with demos and pilots to showcase the benefits of our solutions.  

OrbitMI is taking a different approach by embracing collaboration and forging partnerships with providers of well-known industry applications to generate value for both individual users and their company as a whole. Its flexible plug-and-play solutions also work well with existing systems, eliminating the need for new hardware and rapid changes in the environment.”

What are your future goals?

My personal goal is to continue to grow and learn. I’m naturally curious, which would cause trouble as a child but as an adult, it helps keep me sharp. I want to learn everything I can so that one day I can lead my own company. Admittedly, I have a long way to go for that, but I'm enjoying the ride!  


Meet the team


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