The pursuit of perfection in maritime

Jordan Stokes
June 29, 2020

The pursuit of perfection is noble, especially in an industry like maritime. What does it look like to you?

In a previous post, we talked about the future of the industry and compared it to an Uber-like platform for shipping––a perfect, all-encompassing technology for maritime.

While your idea of perfection might not always exist, there are steps you can take today to significantly improve maritime operations. The maritime industry is constantly changing, which requires us to always improve, adapt and evolve in order to keep up. Seek ways to become more efficient rather than staying stagnant, even if it’s not yet what you imagined. Your fears are not as scary as you think. 

When it comes to new technology…

You always want the best when it comes to your operations and bottom line. You may think that adopting new technologies means time, money consultants, etc. However, nowadays, technology is so easy to adopt that you can get something amazing yet still cost-efficient without the crazy implementation process.

When it comes to sharing data...

If you’re concerned about sharing data and you think it's about losing control, or you can't see the value in it, we understand. Let us ease your fears. Sharing data is not about losing control, it's about keeping control and sharing only what you want in order to get actionable insights.

When it comes to maritime intelligence...

Do you think market intelligence is about having perfectly complete and predictive data? That’s part of it, but intelligence is not solely about the future, it's about right now. With the right technology, maritime intelligence has the ability to make a meaningful impact on your business today. For instance, you can access platforms that will help operations teams deploy fleets efficiently so they minimize bunker consumption, avoid congested ports and meet their scheduled arrival times.

Or, are you worried about giving up your savvy and expertise to some all-knowing (and potentially job-threatening) machine? Well, the thing is, maritime intelligence allows you to amplify your expertise, not replace it. Maritime intelligence is about leveraging data (yours and other sources) to augment your existing knowledge. It can help you be more accurate, more knowledgeable, and even savvier.

If maritime intelligence and other technologies can help your commercial team capture even one more fixture every quarter, or put your bunker management team in a better negotiating position, you’d be interested, right? Those capabilities are available today.

“Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the (very) good”

Implement amazing maritime software now instead of waiting around for what you imagine to be “perfect”.

The constant pursuit of perfection can often lead you to think that perfect is the enemy of the good when that’s not always the case––it has changed over the years.

An article by Entrepreneur states, “trying to make something perfect can actually prevent us from making it just good. Perfection in its elusive glory is like a unicorn. Sure, it sounds great, but who’s actually seen one? I’d rather ride a real horse than wait for an imagined unicorn.”

When it comes to the industry, we see that yesterday’s thinking is holding back maritime from embracing the mindset that is needed today. But a shift in thinking requires a bit of imagination––the imagination of what could be, without waiting for the perfect solution to come around.

Because it’s not about waiting around or choosing between the perfect, the good, or nothing. You can do amazing right now.

There are solutions like Orbit Maritime Intelligence (OMI) that absorb, enrich and visualize data in alerts, reports and dashboards to provide your commercial and operations teams access to insights in order to make fast, informed decisions.

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