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OrbitMI Team
June 20, 2023

(20 June 2023, New York City, USA) - Shipping companies need an integrated approach to solve their operational challenges with unified digital solutions that deliver value creation without disrupting existing business processes, according to OrbitMI's newly appointed Regional Director Americas Beau Campfield.

"That is why I am so excited to join OrbitMI as its suite of intuitive SaaS (software as a service) solutions deliver intelligent connected workflows, ensuring transformation without disruption," Campfield says.

OrbitMI has taken "a uniquely innovative and holistic approach" to the dual challenges of improving vessel performance and cutting GHG emissions that now have commercial as well as environmental priority due to new regulations such as CII and the EU's Emissions Trading System, he says.

Orbit operationalizes data from multiple APIs into intelligent connected workflows that allow seamless real-time data access across an organization. This eliminates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as multiple log-ins, double entry and cut-and-paste, caused by having data store in different siloed systems that can lead to manual errors, reduced productivity and increased business risk.

Intelligent connected workflows

Campfield explains intelligent connected workflows are the orchestration of automation, AI, analytics, data feeds and skills to fundamentally change how work gets done. He is highly familiar with this concept from his previous position with OrbitMI partner Sedna that has integrated its smart email application into the Orbit platform.

"OrbitMI has demonstrated the power of partnership through collaboration with other like-minded vendors, which results in enhanced system functionality that can yield significant value gains for the end-user," Campfield says.

"This also represents a shift from siloed systems, which hinder the use of valuable data, towards data-sharing that will be important in the industry's quest to reduce its environmental footprint."

Client-centric approach

Campfield emphasizes the company is also taking an empathic, client-centric approach to product development by focusing on the needs of the end-user.

"Our goal is to be seen as a trusted advisor delivering value at scale rather than just a vendor; to go beyond partnership and be recognized as a true extension of their business," he explains.

Campfield brings with him a wealth of experience having seen the inception of maritime digital technology while working in the Nineties with computer-based navigation systems in bluewater yachting that saw advances in GPS, electronic raster and vector charts.

'Future-proof solutions'

He subsequently witnessed the dotcom boom in global shipping during a five-year stint in sales at a leading shipping publication TradeWinds, which he describes as an "exciting and transformational time" for the industry.

More recently, Campfield played an integral role in the launch of technology firm Q88's voyage management system and position list as shipping began to embrace the cloud and SaaS solutions. His role at Q88 served as a springboard both for Sedna and his new role where he firmly believes that collaboration - both with partners and clients - is key.

"As a global industry, we ALL work better together. My ambition is to provide ship owners, charterers, brokers, agents, and vendors alike with truly holistic, scalable and future-proof solutions to better serve their clients and partners while simultaneously improving their environmental impact, operational efficiency and profitability," Campfield says.

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