Meet the Team: Gabriela Mate

David Levy
December 1, 2021

Meet Gabriela Mate

At OrbitMI, it’s our maritime intelligence platform that our customers know, but it’s the fantastic people that make us, well, us!

Next up in our continuing blog series on members of the OrbitMI team is Gabriela Mate, our Product Manager. Gabriela is involved in product development, and helps design and optimize product workflows that meet client needs.

Fun Facts


·In her free time, Gabriela and her husband help out on a small, sustainable, family farm.

·Gabriela is from Serbia, and has a Masters Degree in Information Technologies in E- government and Business Systems.

·She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her toddler.


Primary role at OrbitMI

Gabriela has been with OrbitMI since 2017. In her role, she talks with clients to determine the pain points in their workflows, and then collaborates with the rest of the product team to design systems and implement changes that increase user efficiency and meet client needs.

When asked what she likes most about working at OrbitMI, Gabriela said that she enjoys seeing the impact that Orbit has on maritime sustainability. Working in maritime has shown her the significant environmental  impact of current shipping practices, and she enjoys being part of the solution.

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Meet the team


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